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David Knight lives and works as an artist and enameller on the Isle of Wight. "My work utilises strong graphic imagery to communicate a story. I incorporate industrial processes such as vitreous enamelling to create larger works, as well as more traditional forms of mark making and print. I utilise a multitude of mediums to communicate the everyday as well as the totally out of the ordinary."

With a rare mix of a fine art background and four years as an industrial enameller I am inspired by process driven mediums as well as the freedom of simply putting pen to paper.

The work to the right is taken from my latest Open Studio which was my first predominantly enamel exhibition. This has paved the way for further exhibitions at the Quay Arts Gallery, in which I intend to explore the outside spaces around the building. This space will allow me to exploit the amazing resilient properties of enamel, as well as exploring the beauty of this medium.

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Porcelain enamel silhoette heads.

Porcelain enamel silhouette head Porcelain enamel silhouette head
350 x 750 mm screen printed and hand worked enamel steel panels.

Screen printed and hand worked enamel steel panel
1000 x 1100 mm screen printed and hand worked enamel steel panel.


Screen printed and hand worked enamel steel panel
350 x 450 mm screen printed and hand worked enamel steel plate
mounted in box frame.

David Knight


Carnival Grotesque. My latest work in progress is a series of hand coloured prints based on my love of the Victorian circus. The series of portraits reflects the decline of this form of entertainment, with the sad clown and slightly disheveled strong man.

Carnival Grotesque Carnival Grotesque

David Knight


Enamel Grenades. These enamelled grenades along with a lot of my latest work are currently available at F-Art, a lively and exciting space located in the heart of the London creative hub.

The grenades are actual American pineapple bombs that I have obtained deactivated and enamelled at over 800 degrees with stunning effects. The idea was to take this brutal piece of design, with the sole purpose of inflicting destruction, and turn it into something beautiful.

Please follow the link at the bottom of the page or contact me directly for any enquiries.

Enamel Granade

David Knight